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Laurie nude

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Laurie Loranger

Laurie's Back

Laurie Loranger

Shot 1981


"Laurie" by: i.m. aroused
@ 09:35:49 pm on June 15 2006

Me thinks--me is going to cry?

""Laurie"" by: Ralph
@ 07:36:03 pm on August 31 2006
I'd like to follow that around all day knowing it would end up that nite in my bed.

""Laurie Loranger"" by: Jerry Adler
@ 10:33:56 am on March 26 2008
I dated Laurie. She is still
the hottest girl I have ever dated !!!!!
The ultimate body ! Like it was cut from a mold.
Jerry :)

"weekend sailing trip " by: Tommy Simpson
@ 06:24:06 am on January 15 2013
do you remember a weekend in San Diego? Sailing into the sunset. Ill never forget it.

"this is my mom" by: lukas
@ 01:51:48 am on April 18 2016
Laurie is my mom and these comments are hard to read

"Penthouse POTM" by: Snapper
@ 01:52:33 pm on December 14 2016
Beautiful photo shoot in Penthouse


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