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Photo of nude pouring Coca-cola on her naked body

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Babs Cools Off

Coca-Cola Splash
These "hot day" photographs were taken by R Scott Hooperfor a Oui Magazine layout (when Playboy owned it) in 1975. Barbara also appeared in Hooper's "Sex in the Automobile" layout in Playboys May 1973 issue. She was one of the hitchhikers picked up by the psychedelic van.

Babs Cools Off

Shot 1975


""coke"." by: Anonymous
@ 08:33:59 pm on May 25 2006

"Things go better with coke".

Now I Understand!

"curious" by: kyme
@ 12:25:04 pm on July 9 2007

"OMG" by: colton
@ 02:30:20 pm on November 27 2007
anonymous iz right thingz do go better with coke untill you have to lick it off then its better


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