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Stripper Silki St James Afternoon Delight at the Palomino Club 1972

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Silki St James

Palomino Feature
Silki St. James was the true Afternoon Delight and always a great crowd pleaser at the world famous Palomino Club, in North Las Vegas. The famed Palomino Club was the only strip club open in the afternoon in Las Vegas at the time, probably the world. Her show was especially tantalizing as she was the epitome of sweet young things.

Silki St James

Originaly taken for Various publications
Taken on Location at Palomino Club, North Las Vegas
Shot 1972


"silki st. james" by: dave terrell
@ 12:12:02 am on October 27 2006
saw her show for my 21st birthday 1979 ~ will NEVER forget that. Hope she made it big.

"silki in la" by: gabriele pratorius
@ 12:11:56 am on December 19 2008
I was afriend of silki st. james in LA, and know she was and hopefully is a wonderful human being.
Much love to her,

"HBO special" by: jim
@ 08:24:44 am on August 3 2009
maybe the greatest strip ever filmed with her doing the secretary in the the HBO special.

"hbo special" by: tony
@ 10:56:14 am on August 21 2010
I remember her also from the hbo special.The sexy secretary,where can i get a copy of that show.Boy,if Dita vonteese could move like that!

"Here it is, Burlesque - HBO" by: Patrick
@ 04:53:12 pm on September 19 2011
I remember seeing her on HBO over 30 years ago where she did the secretary striptease. Unforgettable! Wish I could see that again!

"Here It Is Burlesque" by: Retrofan
@ 08:48:28 pm on February 13 2012
I've found the footage of Miss St. James at; This was a great performance she did.

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