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Photo of stripper Foxy Lae from the Palomino Club in N Las Vegas

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Foxy Lae 2

Latina Dancer
A featured dancer at the world famous Palomino Club in North Las Vegas, Foxy Lae was photographed for the club's ads and publicity in the 1970's. Actually taken in 1975, this photo was chosen to run a full page in luscious color in the new coffee table book The Book on Vegas. All that's old is new again!

The gorgeous gold coffee table book is filled with an amazingly diverse group of photographs from both amateur photographers and famed visual artists. With over 300 pages, and 226 color images, "The Book on Vegas" contains everything from shots of the kitsch architecture and backstage portraits of stars to cigarette filled ashtrays and woeful gamblers faces. It also contains 5 pages of beautiful, nude and nearly nude images of Hooper's.

Other images from the book are Christy Campbell, Crystal , Melanie and they all come with special pricing for a limited time.

This photograph of Foxy Lae will also be featured at the M+B Gallery in Los Angeles in their "Show On Vegas" .

Foxy Lae 2

Originaly taken for Palomino Club advertising & publicity
Taken on Location at Hoopstudio
Shot 1975


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@ 08:36:37 am on July 5 2006
i like tities

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@ 07:13:40 pm on March 3 2007
be mine?

"COMMENTS" by: joe
@ 09:20:24 pm on March 28 2007
What an incredible body!!

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@ 01:02:40 am on May 29 2007
really hot and sexy.i can't wait to touch.

"Comment On Previous" by: Courious mind
@ 02:06:15 pm on May 30 2007
It doesn't count if you touch yourself!
How old are you anyway?
They let you play with a grown-up's computer?

"Comment" by: Some random emo
@ 07:32:23 am on March 30 2008
I was messing around on Google while searching for "foxy" and I got this! Lucky me! =)

"pic" by: porcrastinating mispeller
@ 10:00:46 am on September 27 2008
same here :D

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@ 09:28:25 am on November 18 2008
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"victor" by: tony
@ 10:05:10 pm on November 22 2008
sexy girl.... babe grrrr

"Beautiful Woman" by: Tobe
@ 05:03:43 am on March 28 2010
She is nude in Russ Meyer´s movie "UP".

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