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Photo of stripper Kari Grant on the Palomino Club stage 1971

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Kari Grant 2

Live Nude Girls
Leggy and lovely Kari Grant basks in the limelight as her many admirers look on.....and wait for her to take her panties off! The world famous Palomino Club was the only place in Las Vegas (and maybe the US) that served up alcohol and total nudity. You might think that combination would make it a good "dive bar", but the club was exactly the opposite. It wasn't only the plush interior and clean bathrooms that made the Palomino so classy, but the way the women were treated. Hoots and hollers in admiration of the beauties on stage was acceptable, but you would be out on your ear in an instant if you were disrespectful to any of them.

Kari Grant 2

Taken on Location at Palomino CLub
Shot 1971

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