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Photo of the winner of the Amateur nude dance contest at the Palomino Club in N Las Vegas

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Amateur Contest 2

The notorious Palomino Clubs amateur nude dance contest was a must see in Vegas. The only totally nude club in Las Vegas that served alcohol helped bring the crowds. The contest was hosted for many years by "Top Banana" Bob Mitchell who's interplay with the audiences was hilarious.

Amateur Contest 2

Originaly taken for Playboy magazine
Taken on Location at Palomino Club
Shot 1978


"Amateur Conest" by: Anon
@ 10:27:05 pm on February 6 2007
Love these photos. Are there any more like this???

"Pictures of the Palomino Club dance contest!" by: rsh
@ 01:53:37 pm on February 20 2007
Many, many more photos of the Las Vegas "World Famous Palomino Club" Amateur nude dance contest will be posted here soon, as well as general pictures from the legionary Palomino Club of Old--check back often.

"More Amateur Contest Pics" by: Anon
@ 10:26:13 pm on March 9 2007
I really hope you add some more soon. I can't wait to see them. They're awesome!

"Retro Pussy" by: BIG JOHN
@ 10:29:45 pm on November 18 2007
Love that 70's bush!

"Retro Bush" by: Al
@ 10:50:31 am on March 26 2008
re: "Love that 70's bush! "

It's allot better than the 2000 Bush!

"Amateur Nude Dancing" by: Sandra
@ 01:11:09 pm on November 3 2008
Do they still have the amateur contest? I participated in the contest in the 1970's. Many of the contestants were there every night, but I was a true amateur as I was dared to participate by a comedian--Arte Brooks. Is he still around? I was there with a group of people from school and was a little high or I would not have done it. The high point was when I took my panties off about 15 men stood up and whistled andf yelled. Quite honestly, it made me feel good.

"Sandra's Questions?" by: rsh
@ 10:55:56 pm on November 28 2008
I'm glad you had a enjoyable time_those truly were the "Good Old Days"_
They just don't exist anymore at the Palomino Club in North LV! It has changed hands several times and their advertising doesn't say anything about a 'Amateur Dance Contest' anymore. Now It's just another Gentleman's club, only on the bad side of town. I'm afarid my friend Artie Brooks has passed on_He IS missed!

"Amateur Nude dance contest" by: Nick
@ 07:37:47 pm on December 25 2008
Is there a video of this contest, or just pictures?

"More please" by: Fan
@ 08:35:33 pm on January 2 2009
Would love to see more photos, particulary of the short-haired lady who is second from left. Are there any more available?

"Nude Dance Contest" by: Artist01
@ 06:20:53 pm on February 8 2009
Would love to see more photos of Nude Dance Contest. The girls look like real amateurs, the usual hard-bitten silicone implanted type at all. Someone must have some! By the way, I agree with Fan, she is gorgeous!

"More Photos of Contest" by: Theresa "The Librarian"
@ 11:25:44 pm on April 16 2009
These amateur nude dance contest photos were taken over 30 years ago, and yes, they were real amateurs. Some did the contest many times and actually went on to be pro strippers, like the girl who won in this photo. There is no video of the contest. I know it is hard to believe, but video hasn't been around that long. It would have cost a fortune to shoot movie film, which is all you could shoot in those days. Besides, even in those days it was "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!".

"Would love to see more photos" by: Admirer
@ 01:20:18 am on May 31 2009
The photos of the amateur contest are grea. I would to love to see more photos, particularly of all contestants appearing together on stage at the same time.

"Artie Brooks" by: Mark Moore
@ 09:34:10 pm on June 21 2012
I was a big fan of Artie Brooks from 70s thru the 80s and am proud to have known my Marine brother who saw me go through changes through out the years. When I was single I went to Vegas 6 to 7 times a yearfy and the Palomino Club really rocked with Artie at the helm. I enjoyed many nights swapping Marine Corps stories with Artie after his acts. He was a good man, a kick ass comedian and a true American hero a Marine. I miss you brother.

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