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Photo of the Amateur nude dance contest at the Palomino Club in N Las Vegas

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Amateur Contest

Stripper Fantasies
Part of what made the Palomino Club "World Famous" was its nightly amateur nude dance contests. The audience never knew what it was going to see, or who. It could be a woman who's husband was in the audience excited to watch her, a girl about to get married being crazy at her bachelorette party, or a girl down on her luck who really needed the money.

Amateur Contest

Originaly taken for Playboy Magazine
Taken on Location at Palomino Club


"i am interested in dance" by: shakira khan
@ 08:51:18 am on May 3 2007
i live in pakistan i am model n dancer. but i cant work openly in pakistan bcz pakistan is muslim country. i saw this web i happy. i want also dance with yours all celebrty. kind anybody guide me.

"wife strip" by: dabulldaddy
@ 01:50:02 pm on March 4 2008
My wife is a very shy Asian lady. I am taking her to LV for her 40th birthday. She still has a very trim, cute figure. How might I persuade her that it might be fun to show her stuff?

""One Time Las Vegas Experience"" by: rsh
@ 10:00:34 pm on March 7 2008
Well, they sure don't have the amateur nude dance contest @ the Palomino club anymore -- it's a NEW gentlemen's club now. And they use women now in a entirely different way! Bring her in for a delicate centerfold type provocative portrait to be celebrated not abused. After all- "She's a Very Precious Lady"! Treat her that way, you'll be SOoo... glad you did! " It's private and it's the only SURE BET in Vegas.

"Amateur nude dance contest" by: Rebecca
@ 09:01:59 pm on March 26 2008
If the Palomino doesn't have the amateur dance contest anymore, does any club in Las Vegas have one...? I've wanted to give it a try for some time.

"interested" by: Shakira
@ 11:35:03 pm on January 1 2009
kindly call me i am interested in dance work

"please contact to me" by: Shakira
@ 09:03:15 am on March 18 2013
i want model and dancer.

"I am interested" by: Shakira Khan
@ 08:07:30 am on October 21 2014
plz visit my page

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